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SEALKIDS, Inc. honors the Navy SEAL community’s courage and sacrifice by helping its children reach their full potential in life. We identify and provide for the best educational assessments, specialized therapies, academic support, and enrichment services available.


The Navy SEAL community will be stronger and more resilient because of SEALKIDS’ efforts. Parental stress will be reduced allowing the parent to focus on the job of being a Navy SEAL.


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They are backbone of our funding, faithfully committing to give what they can each month to honor the courage and sacrifice of our nation’s greatest warriors. They are changing lives everyday.

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It’s Working…

This is the impact that SEALkids is having on kids and families.

Show improvement in grades and scores
Report positive changes in behavior
Have a reduction in anxiety levels
Report a improvement in family life
Of Navy SEALs surveyed said that they have less family stress, and can focus on their jobs more!