Our Approach

We have developed a process that works. We commit 100% to finding real solutions.

  • It begins with you

    Your contributions are the fuel that allows us to make a difference.

  • We find the experts

    We create core programs and seek out best-in-class service providers, tools and technologies that align with our mission.

  • Innovate

    We adapt and customize programs, tools and technologies to fit what works best for each individual child.

  • Monitor and Evaluate

    We monitor and evaluate our programs and progress to ensure the greatest child outcome. Innovation pilots are scrutinized and vetted before deploying system wide.

Current Programs

These four core programs drive the daily impact SEALkids has

Testing / Evaluation

We focus on evaluations to identify key elements of a child’s academic difficulty. Target therapies can be provided once these elements are identified.

Specialized Needs

Many academic difficulties are caused by physical or intellectual challenges. We match children with leading specialists. Always striving to stay on the cutting edge of effective treatments.

Academic Support

Military children can experience difficulties because of frequent moves and a myriad of other factors. Academic support assist these children in performing at their full potential.


SEALkids offers opportunities for leadership training and empowerment. We help lay the foundation for tomorrows leaders. We try to make it fun!